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I offer a full range of treatments to patients of all ages providing every patient an extremly high level of care. These include sport injuries, overuse injuries, soft tissue sprains and strains, postural problems, headaches and migraines and the pain of arthritis among many others. I’m working as well with pregnant women, babies and children.


Mama + Baby

During pregnancy your body has to adjust to increased weight along with a major change in your centre of gravity, as well as of course creating space for your growing baby. Osteopathic treatment aims to help your body whilst it is adapting to ongoing changes. Treatment also helps you to prepare for some of the physical demands of giving birth.

The enormous pressures that a baby can be subjected to during pregnancy, and particularly as part of the birthing process, can cause tension that is retained in the body long after birth. Cranial Osteopathy can greatly help ease these stresses and tensions.

As your child grows they may develop back pain, joint pain, muscle aches and pains as well as other musculo-skeletal problems which may all benefit from osteopathic treatment.